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4 Ways to Eradicate Boredom in a Sedentary Bank Job



job in Axis bank

job in Axis bank

For as long as I can remember, my parents have tried to convince me to sit for a bank exam. It is respectable, comfortable, and pays well. For most individuals it’s a cushiony option well-deserved after months of hard work and toil. A set 9 to 5 timing and timely money in your pockets.

What else could define a dream job?

The true definition of this profession is realized well into its initiation. Satisfactory and beguiling at one hand, this line of work comes with its own baggage.

The job can get really boring after a while.

With minimalistic field work and continuous sitting for hours on end, bank employees frequently complain about health issues. Such issues are both mental and physical. Many employees succumb to the workplace ethics and progress through years of servitude in a rut. Young professionals on the other hand are a little more energetic and find it exceptionally hard to stay passive through the long working hours.

They get bored.

In the new age and time of today, let’s look at certain pointers that can help bank professionals eradicate boredom in their sedentary job profiles.

It’s a Challenge. Not a Burden.

You probably think that an easy job is a good job. But have you ever felt that the less work you do, the most exhausted you feel? This is because we experience things as boring when they come easily to us. Essentially, they become a burden.

But is it?

Boredom is nothing but an internal concept that can be easily tackled by accepting it as a challenge.

  • Do your work, but never rush through it. Being meticulous is the key to success.
  • Use down-time constructively. Read articles on the website or listen to some quality music. It all works.
  • Learn a new language to pass time. This way you could converse with customers in their regional language, building relationships.

Find Meaning in Everything

Never relegate a piece of work as menial even if it entails a simple stapling of forms. You might think that photography is more interesting than stapling, or even politics.

But think about it. After a while photography is just pushing a button and politics is all talk. What makes a profile interesting is not its function, but the calling that makes you want to do it.

A doctor saves lives. A politician strives to change a nation. A photographer captures beauty while telling a story.

You can work as a bank teller and feel like you’re making history – if you count money for a celebrity. Learn to find a deeper meaning in your work and organization.

  • Understand the nitty-gritties of your job profile, but try to grasp the work of others as well, so as to increase your knowledge base.
  • Stay organized and maintain files/folders for the work you do.
  • Download a typing program and learn how to type with speed.

Employ Boredom to Make a Difference

We have been led to believe that our services are provided to a company only where compensation is due. If we are too nice, we can be taken for a ride. However, to give an example, when you help an individual cross the road in the right direction, doesn’t it feel good?

It’s because you made a difference in someone’s life without expecting a reward that you experience a sense of contentment. You could make the same difference to someone at work as well.

Use your boredom to begin.

  • You want to take a break. You know someone in your team is experiencing problems. Talk to them and offer a solution.
  • If you are a newbie, offer assistance to prove your worth in the office and to make some friends.

Talk. It Helps.

Are you new in the organization? Do you feel apprehensive about dealing with customers 24X7? Is the work environment completely new to you?

You need to come out of your shell and talk to other employees.

Sharing what’s in your mind is a huge stress-buster. Socializing at work not only keeps boredom at bay, but helps build relationships as well.

This includes interacting with customers, too. For example, if you have a job in Axis bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra, or any other private bank, you will have a chance to meet customers on a personal basis. Government banks on the other hand are slightly more stressed for time as they handle a large number of accounts.

It’s time you get down to some talking and link-building to keep those moments of exhaustion at bay.

Hopefully these tips will help you beat the boredom blues. Have any more pointers to share?! Let us know!

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