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6 Hacks to Customize Your School Supplies



School Supplies

Seeing your school supplies the way it is is quite too usual. You get to have the same pens that have the same designs with your classmates. When worse happens, you sometimes exchange things with them as you get to confuse about which is yours. To avoid that, why not try to customize them by yourself? Today, we will be giving you some school hacks! So here are some educational supplies you can customize to standout among crowd.

Multi-colored highlighter

Aren’t you too tired to see those common shades of highlighter pen? Well then, try this fast and simple highlighter hack. This rainbow highlighter hack is way too easy. Just grab another highlighter that has a different shade. Let’s assume you have two highlighters, highlighter A, and highlighter B. Connect highlighter B to the side tip of Highlighter A and hold for about 10 seconds as you let the highlighters absorb shades from one another. After ten seconds, you can now have your multi-colored highlighter! You can also use three highlighters and do the same process to achieve a rainbow highlighter.

Sticky note case

Sticky notes are very useful to our daily lives to remind us our to-do-list and other concerns that we have to do at school. The importance of sticky notes urges us to consider this as a must. To organize those sticky notes on your bag, just grab a long box that’s just as big as your sticky notes to pile them properly. If you have a 4×6 sticky note, with that size, you can use a macaron box. Clean up your macaron box and cover the inside bottom of the box with a piece of designed paper depending on your choice. As easy as that, you can now pile your sticky notes. For your customization, you can use a washi tape to cover the box and put some excitements to it.


Most pencils that we can by on the store are yellow and has that woody texture making it simple and usual. Most of us tend to get bored with that so why not try to customize them to stand it out against those ordinary pencils we can see? In designing your pencils, you just need one material; and that’s a washi tape. Simply tape the body of your pencil with a cute washi tape cleanly and fairly. After taping it, you have just brought your pencil to a whole new level! You might have pencils like your classmates but there’s no way to accidentally exchange it because you know exactly your beautiful and customized pencil.


Ever wondered why you always lose your pens? Well with this hack, you can now keep your pen for as long as you want it. Pens are commonly transparent and are quite too formal for a person who loves customizing educational Supplies. For transparent pens like we commonly see in the store, you can simply put names on it. Just have your colored or designed paper depending on your choice. First, determine the size of the inner tube of your pen. Cut the paper with the size you’d determined and write your name on it. Last, put cut paper inside of your pen as if it covers all its transparent parts with your name on it. Now you can have your colored pen with your name so your classmates would know who owns that beautiful things.

Glitter pens

As I said pens are commonly transparent, another way of customizing it is to glitter your pens. Just have some glue and glitter dust that you love. First, remove the nib of your pen as all you see is the pen’s tube. Mix the water and the glue. Put two tablespoons of water and two and a half tablespoons of glue. Fill the mixed glue and water inside the pen and make sure you pour it out as remaining mixture sticks to the inner part of the tube, then quickly put the glitter dust inside it so the mixture won’t dry out. After glittering all the portions of the inner part, let it dry for about one to two hours. After drying it, put the nib back and voila! You now have your pen that has a glittered body.

Washi Tape Notebook

Washi tapes don’t limit itself from just being a tape, you can use a washi tape to design your pens or pencils, and yes, you can also use a washi tape to cover up and put some spice to your notebook. Just simply grab some washi tapes that have different designs and tape the front and back of your notebook until it fully covers the area. You can have different patterns of taping it. You can either go with a horizontal taping or vertical taping. You can also put the same washi tape design to cover up your notebook or you can tape it with random styles so you can have a very stylish notebook and is unique from your classmates.

Pencil jars

We know everyone has a pencil and I’m sure not just a pencil but a ton of pencils. So the best way to keep your pencils is to organize it with an organizer. This pencil jar is perfect for everyone. Simply have your empty jars and have them painted with a color you want. Glue the jars on the board so you can place them together. Color the board as well if you want.

Supplies are our partners and weapons in combating our lives either at work and school. Customizing your things is the best way to find your supplies easy and emphasizes a positive vibe at work or school. Following these super easy hacks could help you organize your things and keep them in place near you.

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