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9th Graders’ Math Class – What Are the Choices?



9th Graders' Math Class

If you are a student in 9th Grade Math, you already know that you have a lot of work ahead of you. You have mathematics and science classes to complete and often you find yourself having to help other students with projects and even short projects. It is often overwhelming to your teacher. Yet, you can’t give up just yet. Here are some helpful tips to keep you motivated as you strive for success.

Find an Algebra or Geometry class that interests you.

When you enter school for the first time, there will be many different topics that you will be interested in. However, if you really enjoy working with numbers, you will want to select a topic in which you feel most comfortable. Even though you might feel overwhelmed by the work you are required to perform, you must understand that in order to do well in 9th grade math, you must be able to identify patterns and develop strategies. If you have trouble developing strategies, it might be better for you to select one of the many advanced units that are offered in many schools.

For example, you may be excited about learning algebra. Yet, a large number of 9th graders are not enrolled in an algebra class at this early stage in their education. If you enter middle school a few years later, algebra may no longer be the greatest source of excitement for you. If this is the case, consider taking a course in calculus or trigonometry so that you can develop a foundation in higher mathematics that is needed for college prep courses.

You need to realize that what works well for you during your academic years will not always apply to you when you enter high school.

In other words, while you may be excited about learning algebra, your peers may not be as enthused. Therefore, when selecting units for 9th grade, you need to consider how closely you will be able to relate them to the subject matter as well as the types of units that you are most interested in learning. This can help you make the right choice when selecting units during the year.

For example, if you are really interested in units that allow you to learn and practice Algebra, consider taking a trigonometry class. This includes a thorough understanding of units, such as angles, volumes, roots, tangent lines, squares, rhombuses, and much more. On the flip side, if you do not care for math concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and fraction, then you should look at other options that help you master these concepts. In this case, consider taking a unit on algebraic equations or a unit on geometry. There are also many math CDs available that provide lessons in a wide variety of math topics.

Another thing to consider is your learning style.

For some individuals, being able to complete problems on their own is more appealing than having someone correct their mistakes for them. If you fall into this category, then you may be better off taking an algebra or geometry class. However, if you are more comfortable working with an instructor and a book, you may prefer to take a trigonometry or calculus class. Whatever your learning style, it is important to find a math curriculum that fits with your learning style and the type of questions that you are most interested in answering.

Once you have narrowed down the pre-calculus, algebra, and geometry subjects that you wish to tackle this year, it is time to choose an instructor. For many students, the most appealing factor in a teacher is how they answer questions. This is why it is so important to choose your math tutoring center carefully. If you are a hands-on learner, then opt for someone who has a proven track record of helping pre-school and high school students learn as much as possible while enjoying the subject matter. If you prefer a more passive learning style, then you should consider going with a tutor who is willing to customize a program around your needs.

Pre-algebra and algebra are a must for all 9th graders, so make sure to select a math tutoring center that focuses solely on these subjects. Many teachers begin offering these classes as youngsters get into high school, but they do not continue past that level. For that reason, there are few successful pre-algebra or algebra classes for high school students. By taking a Calculus class first, you will give yourself the best chance at success.

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