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How to Recognize and Engage Students with Different Learning Styles



Engage Students with Different Learning Styles

The infographic shown below, Teaching Strategies for Different Learning Styles, lists seven different ways students learn. Students are described as visual (spatial), aural (auditory/musical), verbal (linguistic), physical (kinesthetic), logical (mathematical), intrapersonal (solitary) and interpersonal (social). Under each type of learner, you’ll find characteristics that enable you to recognize that specific type of student, and suggestions for engaging students who learn in that unique way.

Teachers and Education Systems

Teachers and/or education systems that recognize the various learning styles and attempt to cater to them can result in very different outcomes versus the traditional method. No student is labelled “smarter” or “dumber” than others; simply put, each student absorbs, understands and retains material differently. Presenting information in a range of different styles is critical when it comes to bringing out the best in each student.

We all know how it significant it is to help students succeed in school, graduate and go on to lead happy, constructive lives. The infographic provides a brief look at different ways teachers can help each of their students flourish. Good teachers understand that students learn in various ways, and they know, of course, that many distinctive teaching methods exist. The trick to engaging students is to match the student to the teaching method that best helps him or her learn and retain new material.

How can one educator accommodate a classroom full of students with a range of learning styles?

The teacher can alternate his or her teaching methods on various days. Or, even better, the teacher can present all new material in a few different ways, which helps all students learn better by providing different points of view on the same information. Using different teaching methods also increases engagement; teaching every lesson in the same way can bore even the students to whom a particular method is aimed.

Read the infographic below to learn more about the various learning styles and how to successfully teach students who learn in different ways.

Graphic created by Graduation Source.

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