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Job Search Techniques

Enhancing Your Job Search: An Employer’s View



Job Search

All these are ideas about the job hunt process expressed by companies I spoke with lately. They were quite candid about several things, however do not take offense. It might prove useful to know how they feel about the procedure.

Why Occupations Exist

Occupations exist for one reason – A firm is in business to earn money; and they hire people to earn more cash!

So you’ve got to remember that it is not private; the hiring procedure, that’s.

The Occupation Hunt Funnel

I was told by any of these companies when he advertised for two open positions, he received 200 resumes. A fast overview of every curriculum vitae reduced to 20 these 200 vitae. For him, a rapid review sums to a 6-10 second peek! Where he asked the same three questions of everyone, those 20 individuals were subsequently interviewed by telephone. To 7 finalists who were subsequently interviewed in person, he reduced the 20 individuals with this telephone interview. This procedure subsequently filled two places.

Beating on

The curriculum vitae has to be excellent, particularly the Outline paragraph to begin with. The Outline paragraph might be the sole part the reviewer reads to determine which pile the curriculum vitae goes in. One company said that if the Outline paragraph does not “capture” him, he does not even look at the employment history. Incidentally, at this stage, an “Objective” statement only wastes my time, so please do not place one on your curriculum vitae! I actually do not care what your goal is; I care whether you can help us achieve our goal – making more cash. Don’t forget, it is not private!

During the phone interview, you need to be an exceptional Telephone Salesperson of yourself while seeming authentic. During the in person interview, you need to verify by your statements you will fit in the organization culture, and you could do the job, that you’ll do the job.

Constructing an Exceptional Resume

An overworked HR generalist is trying to find reasons to say no – do not give one to them. Learn about the organization and tailor your resume to the particular job description as well as the organization. Active voice stands apart – led, designed, enhanced, directed; do not use passive voice, like “I was responsible for… ”

Tell me about your last business – how large, what business. Help me understand the depth of your duties. I may not have taken time to look it up myself, so do not make the supposition I understand all about your last (or present) business.

To be totally honest, at this point, I do not care about your hobbies, it helps you establish a private link or unless you are an Eagle Scout. As an example, in the event that you found the business CEO is a huge supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters, and you’ve offered there, by all means, let’s understand.

Quantify yourself; every bullet point in your curriculum vitae should contain a quantifiable fact. How many? How much? How long? What impact? What advantage? Help us understand your achievements.

Master Curriculum Vitae

Construct a master curriculum vitae – then cut it down to meet the particular occupation. You need to have the ability to create at least 3-5 brief, real, quantifiable bullet points for every part in every volunteer or occupation action.

More is better – your “master” curriculum vitae should be 2-3 pages, or even more if required. Then examine objective occupation and your target company, and cut out everything that does not meet what they need – if possible get it down to 1 page. But two pages are fine.

Every closing curriculum vitae will likely be exceptional – so that you understand what you told them, save it in your personal computer as a distinctive variation.

Some Practical Curriculum Vitae Hints

If you’re able to, examine your curriculum vitae using “Preview” in Outlook – headers do not show up! In case contact information and your name is in a header, it vanishes if the HR man looks at it in Outlook’s preview mode. Do not use footers and headers on your curriculum vitae!

A one page resume is greatest, unless you’re applying for academia, or specialized or engineering occupations.

I cannot say this enough – spell check, spell check, spell check. Allow the computer do it once, then you definitely proof your writing once (or twice!), then let someone else proofread your resume. Remember, we get so many applications that we look for reasons to exclude an applicant; occasionally a misspelled word is all we should transfer to the following applicant.

Concise and clear are bywords in a curriculum vitae; never use four words when one will do. Make use of a font size that does not challenge the reader; at least 11pt. Moreover, this really is not the time to be creative – use a conventional format and be consistent with punctuation, grammar, and sentence length. That said, in the event the occupation is in the creative universe, like interior designer or graphic designer you are able to be creative.

Recall the “objective statements” referred to before? They take lots of space up without telling us anything useful to us. In the event you would like us to understand something about you not on your curriculum vitae, why don’t you use your cover letter for this particular type of info?

Telephone Interview

A telephone interview is normally only a screening procedure. Telephone screening – welcome to telephone sales! They can’t see you, so your words must say everything! Be short, but provide complete responses. They’ve an agenda – allow them the time they must meet their demands.

Professional HR folks to do the telephone display are used by many businesses. Their task will be to cut the list of “possibles” to a short list for the business leaders to interview. They can not say yes, but they can definitely say no! You must be on your best behaviour!

They make use of a script – the same questions for everyone. So you’ve got to stick out by emphasizing several reasons why you are a perfect fit, and by being personable, having a sense of humor.

In Person Interviews

Fit! It is about fit! “Would I love being stranded with you in an airport for 5 hours?” It merely takes one “no” to end you, and everyone you meet has a vote. From the secretary to the CEO; they all have a vote. The secretary cannot hire you, but her “no” vote takes nearly as much weight as the CEO.

Many businesses use character profiles to screen for particular traits for particular occupations; you do not need to, and you can not defeat them. Don’t forget, the burst must be great in both ways.

Show the interviewer that you simply comprehend the job and permit them see that you’ve got the abilities to achieve success. Do not leave it up to their imagination!

Show them you understand the challenges they confront; the questions you ask tell a lot about you to them. Be proactive about addressing them and identifying possible objections.

And Eventually

Yes, the curriculum vitae is essential. Yes, the telephone interview is significant. The in person interview is not unimportant. But the main element of your job hunt is your groundwork!

The further you comprehend the motivations of the people that speak to you personally on the telephone will read your resume, and see beside you in person, the better you are able to prepare.

Following these guidelines can help you enhance your work search abilities, step one to that new place!

by Kingman

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