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Gain a PM Qualification and Get a Better Salary



PM Qualification

A PM qualification is proves you have experience, knowledge, a willingness to learn and a willingness to work for success, and it can make you more money. Here’s how.

Being a project manager means having knowledge of best practices within the field, and continually being at the top of your game. It stands to reason that in any industry, having externally recognised qualifications is a good thing.

However, many people do avoid gaining qualifications in favour of working from a more experienced based position. Ideally, an individual will be able to achieve both of these things. As in all cases experience is never a bad thing, but a PM qualification is an excellent way to prove that experience and knowledge to employers, senior management, colleagues and clients.

Here are just two of the reasons you should gain a PM qualification in order to earn more money:

Your Company Benefits

When a company invests in project management training for staff, they don’t just do it because it benefits the staff. It’s lovely to think that your employers are simply getting you trained up for your benefit, but it simply isn’t true. Your company benefits massively by you gaining an externally recognised PM qualification, whether that is a PRINCE2, APMP or PMP Certification. They gain a happy, loyal employee who is grateful of the company backing. They gain best practise knowledge shared by the employee fresh from their project management training.

They also gain an excellent reputation because they have employees working for them with externally recognised qualifications. And do you know what all this means for you as the employee? Leverage. It means that the promotion you have been after becomes much more achievable. Because you are a much more valuable asset now. You have not only sought to learn and improve your skills, but you have done just that by completing a difficult PM qualification, which means you’re in a fabulous negotiating position for a promotion.

You’re A Stand Out Candidate

Having a lot of experience in project management is one thing, but if you don’t get the opportunity to discuss that, your CV may fall short when it comes to candidate selection. Remember that what you are in real life, and what you are on paper is different. You might be able to list all the project management experience you have had on your CV, but if there are several CV’s all listing a good amount of on the job experience, there’s only one thing that will make your CV stand out – a PM qualification.

A PM qualification proves you not only know your stuff, but you’ve made the extra effort to prove it. And these days, it’s not just one PM certificate candidates are walking in with – it’s 3,4 or even 5. When you’re on the job project management training might not seem like a top priority, but when you’re trying to get one – it is a priority. So if you’re looking to jump industries or gain your first project management position, invest in a PM qualification and show potential employers how eager you are to prove your worth and be a continuous learner. A PM qualification can mean the difference between an entry level position, and senior position.

Remember, experience will always go a long way when it comes to project management, but a PM qualification is a way to let everyone know that you know your stuff. It’s like a police officer going through vigourous training only to turn up to work with no uniform or badge. Get a PM qualification and prove your worth – your bank balance will benefit.

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