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How Has Predatory Publishing Hurt Education?



Predatory Publishing

We live in a technology-driven world.

That brings us a large number of benefits. It also brings with it the expectation that things are going to happen faster. We want faster results. We want answers. And we want payment. And we want our products. The downside is faster is not always better. Technology has allowed us to get sloppy in some ways. Publishing and writing have suffered in some ways because of technology. The number of predatory journals is increasing.

There is a heightened pressure on those in academia to have their articles, journals, and papers published.

Open access publishing has gifted the world of publishing a technological firestorm. It has created a world where it can be manipulated and used to publish predatory journals. However, some applications like Bentham Science Open offer protection from some of those journals that are suspicious.

Open access has provided us the ability to get articles at no cost.

Information is much easier to share and we have access to so much data. However, with the increase in open access, publishers are charging individual authors a fee to publish their articles in a journal. This can lead to some publishers accepting marginal work that has not been properly vetted to increase their bottom line. The result is a lot of subpar articles being published as factual information.

These publishers and journals often reach out to esteemed professors to get them to publish there to increase their reputation. Even the most experienced can fall prey to a sophisticated predatory publisher. It has become much harder to tell who is legitimate and who is not. Work published for educational purposes is suddenly being questioned as to the validity of the contents. When in doubt use a publisher like Bentham Open to ensure the validity of the work and the publisher you are using.

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