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How Much Does It Cost to Stay in Caribbean for A Medical Student?



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With at least 60 medical schools, the Caribbean is a popular destination among international students to study and stay. Every year, a large chunk of international students from the US, the UK and other parts of the world come to the Caribbean to study medicine offshore. Lower tuition fees and low cost of living are among the primary reasons behind the attraction of many international students. Surprisingly, the Caribbean medical school cost is relatively lower than the US and Canada, making it the most preferred study destination for aspiring doctors.

That’s not all. Most of the medical schools in the Caribbean tend to be affiliated with other medical schools of the US and Canada. The affiliation has provided an upper hand to aspiring medical students to obtain equal clinical exposure as provided by medical schools in the US or Canada. Moreover, the cost of living for a medical student is the lowest among all accredited universities and colleges worldwide. Thus, the Caribbean medical school is the number 1 choice for many medical aspirants.

If you are among those aspiring medical students, you must know the cost to stay in the Caribbean to study medicine.

Cost to stay in the Caribbean for a medical student

Medicine is one of the costliest educational programs. The cost of studying medicine often leads to debt. Therefore, some top medical schools in the Caribbean provide dormitories to the first semester students at a low price to lessen their burden. The residents of the universities own these dormitories. These dormitories are equipped with air-conditioners, refrigerators and microwaves. Notably, students have to deposit room rent to dormitory management upon their arrival.

The leading medical schools in the Caribbean costs USD 2,450 for Hillside Dorm Single, USD 150 for Hillside Dorm Security deposit, USD 150 for Hillside Dorm fuel charge and USD 200 for Hillside Dorm water charge. However, the students will have to shift outside the medical school campusafter their first semester.

Students can stay in a hostel outside the university’s campus or rent a flat from the second semester—notably, a fully furnished 1-BHK flat costs around USD 700 to USD 1000 in the Caribbean. Students can also prefer sharing flat with their classmates to lessen their burden. Sharing a room with a classmate will cost around USD 600 for each of them. In addition to monthly room rent, students are also required to pay around USD 350 for essential home utilities. It means a medical student will have to pay around USD 1000 per month to stay in the Caribbean. However, living in the Caribbean is way cheaper than in the US, UK and Canada. So, students can enjoy their lives after their classes at relatively less cost.

Apart from living accommodations, tuition and other fees are also relatively less than other nations with accredited medical programs. Thus, aspiring doctors can prefer studying medicine in the Caribbean to enjoy low-cost education and other luxuries.

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