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Is a Master’s in Public Administration Worth It?



Master’s in Public Administration

If you’re passionate about helping a cause or community or are interested in the inner workings of government (federal, state, or local) a career in public administration may be a good fit for you!

A master’s in public administration aims to provide graduates with the leadership and management skills needed to advance their careers in public affairs. An MPA is widely regarded as the public service equivalent of an (MBA) degree.

Salary can vary a great deal depending on whether you opt to work in a private, nonprofit sector or public sector. Factors like where you live and the size of organization you are working for also determine how much you may earn with your MPA degree.

So, is it worth it?

Yes! And there are so many great reasons why.


You gain so many versatile skills from this degree that can be used in a number of settings. These include the ability to-

  • Show leadership and precedence in public government
  • Take part in and present fresh ideas to the policy process
  • evaluate, integrate, and negotiate
  • problem-solve
  • Speak eloquently and articulately in conversations with communities
  • Exchange information and new ideas with those who have different backgrounds than you.


Just like everyone else, people who have invested the time and money to receive their MPA degree want the job and pay opportunities that reflect their hard work.

Here are a few facts about the pay of alumni who hold an MBA that you may want to consider:

  • The median salary for a public administrator is $84,231, according to the job analysis site Burning Glass.
  • The Network of Schools of Affairs, Administration and public policy estimates that federal workers are promoted every year in their pay grade one or two steps.
  • In addition- many new public administration careers are created each and every year. There is no end to exciting career paths for those with a Master of Public Administration!


The MPA is designed for professionals who are passionate about wanting to make a difference in the world. And it does just that! We believe that’s an important part of what makes this degree “worth it”.

Every organization requires well-trained leaders who can effectively help them live out their vision. They tackle important issues such as:

  • Income inequality
  • Mass transit service
  • Food access
  • Homelessness
  • Gentrification

A successful public manager will have a visible, positive impact on the world, and on the people around them. By holding the power to implement or recommend program changes, you have the ability to make a direct impact on your local, state, and federal governments along with the communities you care so deeply about.

So yes, a master’s in public administration is definitely worth it. The skills you gain, pay you will receive, and passion you get to live out every day will make the degree well worth it.

If you want to serve your community, make a great living while doing so, and gain important skills- then an MPA is right for you.

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