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What are the different kinds of job opportunities that you can get after an MBA from Germany?



MBA in Germany

Germany is renowned as a prolific academic destination for students aspiring for careers in the sciences or business management domains. Business degrees like MBAs are quite popular in the country owing to the high standards of education maintained by German universities.

An MBA in Germany can provide you with ample networking opportunities to build a global business career and the relevant managerial skills to progress further. Additionally, an international German student visa given to MBA students allows them to search for jobs in Germany and eventually settle down there or in another member country of the EU.

These benefits aside, an MBA from a renowned German university would be universally accepted, allowing you to work in a country of your choice.

While the career prospects of pursuing an MBA degree are well-known, you can benefit from taking a deep dive into some of the roles you can get as an MBA graduate. Let’s take a closer look at the kind of career prospects you can expect from an MBA degree from Germany.

What kind of career prospects can a German MBA give you?

MBA graduates with different business specializations can expect great career prospects in Germany and abroad. According to, MBA salaries in Germany reach an average figure of $ 77,200 per year. This figure can go up if you add to your educational qualifications, and/or work experience.

Based on your MBA specialization, you can hope to work in different professional domains and industries. While generic specializations such as marketing or finance pave way for a wider range of work domains, specializations like supply chain management are very specific and restrict you to only certain industries.

If you happen to choose a generic MBA specialization such as a global MBA or an MBA in human resource management, here are a few suitable work domains you can explore.

  1. Logistics and supply chain
  2. Pharmaceuticals and drug manufacturing
  3. Marketing management and research
  4. Healthcare management
  5. Renewable energy management
  6. Oil and gas industry
  7. Manufacturing and operations
  8. Fashion and garment manufacture

What kind of jobs and roles can you expect as an MBA graduate from a German university?

One of the many advantages of an MBA degree is that you get to explore a wide range of career opportunities and roles. Here are a few interesting career options that you can choose from after your MBA from Germany.

  1. Marketing manager
  2. Human resource manager
  3. Systems and IT manager
  4. Finance manager
  5. Management consultant
  6. Operational manager
  7. Medical and health services manager
  8. Supply chain manager
  9. Business executive
  10. Product manager
  11. Business project manager

Most of these jobs can help you earn decent compensation and achieve your financial goals. An MBA also prepares you for an entrepreneurial career should you choose to start your company or business.

Start looking for appropriate MBA programmes from a reputed German university today to take the corporate world by storm in the future.

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