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3 Unique Ideas To Help Keep Your Child Interested in Learning Over the Summer



Child Interested in Learning Over the Summer

If your children’s summer break is coming up, you might be a bit concerned about keeping their minds active and their skills sharp over the summer. Unfortunately, learning loss over the summer is a well-documented phenomenon that can cause your child to backslide in his or her learning progress over the summer if you’re not diligent about helping your child continue to learn advanced concepts. This doesn’t mean summertime learning needs to be boring, however! Try these three unique ideas to keep your kiddo interested in learning and exploring over the summer.

1. Schedule a Half Hour Per Day Just for Reading

Perhaps one of the most helpful activities that can keep your child’s mind sharp throughout the long summer months is simply reading! Consuming a lot of written material is essential for kids’ development, and, as a bonus, can be lots of fun for them. Reading at least a half hour a day can help develop your child’s:

  • Communication skills
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Vocabulary
  • Concentration and self-discipline

2. Practice Essential Math and Language Arts Skills With Your Kids Once a Week

You don’t have to push your kids through tiresome or frustrating school-like drills every day, but it might be helpful to brush up essential math and language arts skills with them about once a week or so. This could take a few different formats that can be adapted to your child’s specific talents and abilities. For instance, if your child enjoys a more structured format, you could ask them review questions to practice what they learned during the school year. On the other hand, if your child is more free-spirited, try to bring up revision topics naturally during conversations.

3. Encourage Your Kids To Pick Up Fun Yet Educational Hobbies

Finally, one of the best ways to keep your kids engaged with instructive materials over the summer is to encourage them to adopt educational hobbies. These don’t have to be boring – in fact, some of these hobbies could quickly become your child’s favorite! For instance, you could encourage your child to try:

  • Reading educational books
  • Exploring local museums
  • Watching informational documentaries
  • Practicing creative writing

In order to maintain the information they learned over the school year and to stay primed for the year of learning ahead of them, it’s essential for your kids to stay mentally active and engaged over the summer months. If you’re concerned about keeping your kids interested in learning over summer vacation, these three unique ideas could help.

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