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7 Amazing Reward Systems For Online ESL Learners



Reward Systems For Online ESL Learners

The reward system teaching method encourages student productivity a lot. Teaching English is not an easy task and you will continuously need to think about how you will keep your students engaged especially complete novices.

However, while teaching English online, ESL instructors face quite a few challenges regularly. Some of them are —

  1. Lack of enthusiasm in online learners
  2. Additionally, not every apprentice wants to learn
  3. Sometimes, students are involved in extra activities which are not related to their lesson
  4. Technical hitches with online teaching tools is also another issue ESL instructors face
  5. Students frequently forget online learning activities in general

Or sometimes, students just simply refuse to join in.

So, how can you effectively reward students virtually?

For this purpose, there are numerous approaches through which you can provide the students’ rewards. As an online ESL educator, you can also offer a tributary reward that children appreciate.

Let’s go through some of the effective rewards you can deliver to young apprentices —

1. Class Dojo

It is a free digital reward system in which apprentices get assessed on positive and negative behaviour. Teachers, as well as parents, can access the platform by entering a unique code. It is great for online platforms like Skype or Zoom. However, before just including this, check in with your company to see if this is possible to add it. The reason behind this is Class Dojo doesn’t work with all online teaching establishments. This lets each student set up their avatar in a few minutes. These rewards let students accumulate ‘points.’

2. ManyCam

Manycam is a great way to differ your rewards and offer the schoolchildren a new and exciting reward always. You can search for any photograph the apprentices want to reward them for completing a task or accomplishing the lesson goal by displaying a fun picture on the screen. It also permits putting together a picture as an enjoyable activity for the student.

3. Physical Movement

It is a fantastic tool as you can encourage your ESL learners to join in with you and it is great for relationship building too. This can be in the form of —

  • Online high 5s
  • Thumbs up
  • Making a heart with your hands or arms above your head
  • Whoop whoop – Placing your arms up and down in the air and vocally saying ‘whoop whoop’
  • Representing a happy and celebrate dance

4. Conversation

For chatty learners, these conversation-type reward systems are well appropriate. The approach provides a lot of opportunities for students to answer and/or ask queries. Try to think of it like a game show contest and plan questions before class by writing on cards or popsicle sticks or anything that you like to. Now draw a question out of the hat for the student. The apprentice may ask the educator the same question in return or ask one that is connected.

5. Play Games

Teachers can play games as a reward as well. The learners usually love simple games such as TikTac Toe and Shark Attack (before called Hangman). Games are so much fun for schoolchildren and can truly encourage them. So, you can include games if your online ESL company permits them. Try to safeguard to manage your time well and be aware of how long you spend on a game.

6. Competition

Do you think your student is competitive? If yes then try it. Grab a dice (digital or toy, both can work) and give it a roll. Whichever number the die lands on is the number of points the pupil is rewarded with! Roll the die a second time, and these points belong to the educator. Keep a running total on a whiteboard or paper. Prompt the student to add the points and see who wins! Try swapping the die for money or playing cards to contest for points!

7. Virtual Certificates

ESL online teachers can use a free tool like Canva (there are more options) to plan virtual certificates for schoolchildren. It is even simpler than Photoshop and lets to enhance images, background, and text to design attractive and tailored rewards.

Why implement a Rewards System?

There are several benefits to using a rewards system while teaching, be it online or in-class.

  • Schoolchildren feel happier.
  • Teachers grab the student’s attention quickly.
  • Students feel more self-assured while speaking the language.
  • Teaching becomes easier along with more creative lessons.
  • Students will contribute more.
  • Apprentices are driven by accomplishment.
  • It supports motivate students to complete their homework.
  • Rewarding also promote appropriate behaviour.

Before you jump into the reward structures, certain aspects try to keep in your mind you’re your students can become addicted to classroom rewards. Set some class behavior goals that are achievable and you can include your learners in setting up those goals too. Give your apprentices explicit and genuine feedback attached to the reward.

Skilled teaching professionals with the online ESL teaching course certainly agree that reward systems play a very important role in building a relationship with students. Enthusiastic and happy students learn better. If you can use the system creatively and thoughtfully, you along with your students will secure the benefits in the form of improved learning with higher student accomplishment.

What is your favourite reward technique? Let us know in the comments section below.

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