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10 Scientifically Proven Surprising Facts About Learning



Scientifically Proven Surprising Facts About Learning

The educational sector is something that keeps on changing and with the advent of the internet and technology, online education is also booming. Also, it is particularly significant to comprehend the types of learning involvements that lead to transmission, defined as the capability to spread what has been educated in one background to new backgrounds.

As technology hustles in advance, the educational environment and classrooms are also swiftly changing. Especially the books are going through a digital refurbishment, as more and more texts are accessible online and in e-book format.Kids who use electronic books demonstrate more collaboration skills and retain more information. Moreover, the practice of the e-book also boosted group team work and delivered the apprentices more opportunity to interrelate.

Here are some of the interesting facts about learning that are scientifically confirmed —

1. Cognitive Overkill

Cognitive overload is a well known phenomenon, particularly in today’s world; it is tremendously common in teaching as well as training. Usually, the lack of knowledge about how memory functions lead to a lack of ground work of material in terms of scope, order and engagement result in poor programming. Nearly majority of our learning courses are too extended which lead to unnecessary forgetting, stress and anxieties for the students. Simplification to prevent cognitive overload is needed.

2. Spaced Practice

This is perhaps the most important circumstance we recognize about learning, yet it is almost totally overlooked. We all learn through practice, little and frequently.The fact is we forget things rapidly and that the most helpful way to avoid this is to practice at spaced intermissions over time. Knowledge is easy to acquire but hard to keep in mind.

3. Video Games Can Lessen Disruptive Behaviors

Video games can reduce disorderly activities and enhance positive development in ADHD children. Recently, the Australian Journal of Educational & Developmental Psychology published a paper about the usage of various educational video games to help children with ADHD. However, the sample of kids was trivial, so more research is required. Nevertheless, the outcomes of this study showed that the video games which are designed to teach kids had a noteworthy influence on behavior.

4. Episodic And Semantic Recollection

When someone understands that the things which he/she is learning are stored differently, then he/she’ll be more delicate to the essential transformations in education. Reason behind this is we all have different categories of memory. People still have far too much dependence on text (semantic) for topics that require a visual approach. We can see this all over the place, from text-heavy PowerPoint to white boards, guide books and hand-outs.

5. Context

It is being well-known by people that memory is generally enhanced by learning in the physical context in which one is anticipated to accomplish. Still, most training is being done in outlandish environments – classrooms and training centers. There is plenty of proof that work-placed education needs to be tremendously improved and non-contextual classroom teaching reduced.

6. Psychological Consideration

It has been scientifically recognized that education does not occur without psychological attention. Therefore, setting up classrooms that constrain attention is enormously counter-productive. However, this doesn’t mean that stuffing teenagers or adults into a small classroom is a good way to boost attention. The bottom line is that most learning is best done on your own or one-to-one.

7. Gardening Improves Children’s Learning Skills

Yes…this improves children’s behaviors to know more and boosts their confidence. Gardening helps use up extra energy in energetic kids. In fact, it has been seen that some students learned valuable math assistances and getting in touch with the dirt and microbes, aid some young apprentices overcome their worries.Also, from the science of photosynthesis, gardening is being included.

8. Chunking

Conceivably the informal and simplest piece of educational theory to put into practice is chunking. It means being penetrating to the restraint of working memory or recollection. Less is more in knowledge and refining, rather than enhancing, expounding and forming lots of disturbing noise. This is important in language learning, science, math and certainly, every topic.

9. Humors Encourage Kids To Listen And Partake

Drama, humor and entertainment in the classroom encourage children to listen and participate. As teaching professionals, we are regularly thinking about creative and innovative ways to boost the active participation with our learners. An involved student is the one who is more probable to engross information, recollect it, and make realistic connotations with the information. An educational environment that nurtures questions, self-governing thinking practices, offers numerous choices are the great indicators of engagement.

10. Play-based Teaching Improves the Attention Span

Friedrich Froebel, German educator was the one who created the concept of the ‘kindergarten’. He powerfully believed play-based learning is the upper most appearance of human development in childhood. Children show their remarkable ability for exploration, imagination and decision making. Through the games, kids display their extraordinary aptitude for exploration, imagination and decision making. Play-based learning supports physical development, cognitive development, literacy and numeracy development and so on.


When it comes to education, the careers have determinedly preferred with unproven pedagogy over proven psychology.This is a big reason behind the so little development has been made in the ways people learn. Thus, teacher training Kolkata program is considering these crucial aspects and preparing teachers for the future.

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