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Top 10 Benefits of Studying PG Diploma in Interior Design



Studying PG Diploma in Interior Design

The space we live in shapes us, but for that to happen, we need truly inspiring living and working spaces that offer the best of form and function. Stakes are high, every square footage matters, and the task seems too complex. Thankfully, professionals exclusively dedicated to transforming spaces into works of art exist – the respected interior designer. It is no surprise that the interior designing industry is a highly attractive career option. However, it’s a tough race; only the fittest survive the choppy waters of the industry. But, there’s a way to stand out in this tourney – pursuing a PG Diploma in interior design.

Why? Given below are the top ten compelling reasons to do so.

1. Specialised Knowledge

Above all, a PG Diploma in interior design allows students to gain specialised knowledge in their area of choice. This is great from the view of cut-throat competition, which leaves no room for mediocrity. Careers after PGDM in interior design range from that of a residential or commercial interior designer to that of a healthcare facility designer or a Government building designer.

2. Better Job Prospects

The competition is intense, and the stakes are high; the interior designing industry welcomes with full gusto those who walk that extra mile. Having a PG Diploma in interior design under the belt will instantaneously make a candidate’s resume stand out, improve their odds of being selected for an interview, and even make it possible to negotiate the salary terms.

And for self-employed designers, clients feel more confident when they are dealing with someone with specialised knowledge in lieu of generic expertise, something which almost every other entrant possesses.

3. Enhancement of Network

Having creative capabilities and technical expertise is still not enough to become a successful interior designer. Aspirants need to develop strong interpersonal skills and have influential connections. During a PG Diploma, students work alongside like-minded individuals, connect with faculty members, guest lecturers, and industry leaders who can help advance their career.

4. Improved Job Security

A PG degree holds much value in the eyes of interior designing firms, mainly because not many students pursue it. Besides offering better job prospects and accelerating career growth, a PG Diploma in interior design improves a candidate’s standing in their current role and organisation.

5. Opportunity to Contribute to Research

Technological breakthroughs like Virtual and Augmented Reality have made it a piece of cake for designers to create personalised spaces even before actually creating them. Undoubtedly, more breakthroughs are looming on the horizon. A PG Diploma course in interior design gives students the opportunity to do meaningful research in the field they are passionate about and contribute towards innovation.

6. Career Switching and Acceleration

It is possible that despite landing a job, students may feel that they need something more challenging or with a higher financial potential – they may want to switch or boost their careers further. Pursuing a Diploma Master’s degree can help them apply for higher positions, get a salary raise, etc.

7. Short Duration

Another great thing about pursuing a Diploma in PG is that the course can be completed within a short duration, sometimes even a year. Despite giving precedence to practical learning and condensing the curriculum and assignments, a PG Diploma still prepares students for the workforce.

8. Pocket-Friendly

Students are often reluctant to apply for a standard PG degree owing to heavy investment. In such cases, a Diploma is a great alternative. It is not just an inexpensive option, but even the quality of education is top-notch, provided they study via respected institutions like the Pearl Academy, known for offering students a 360-degree learning experience.

9. Satisfying Job Requirements

In many interior designing and furnishing firms, holding aMaster’s degree is not just a preference but a mandate. Under such circumstances, a PG Diploma comes handy – aspirants do not need to miss out on a dream role or a dream company.

10. Learning for the Sake of Learning

Diligence, passion, and commitment flow naturally from a heart that enjoys what it learns. Though it is great to work hard in pursuing a PG Diploma course for career advancement or better connections, a basic reason to learn is for the sake of it, because it is fun and widens one’s view of the world in general and the industry in particular. Time spent in acquiring knowledge is never wasted.

Beneath the outward glamour, interior design is a challenging industry that is as vast as the sea. Young entrants are greeted with a host of career options; however, to work in the area of their choice, having a PG Diploma in interior design is a must.

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