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Thanksgiving Tips for College Students in Apartments in New York



It is now officially the holiday season! Yes, Halloween is just around the corner, but some people are not very much into the “scariest” occasion of the year. A lot of the kids still find it fun to go and do the trick-or-treat tradition for the night of October 31, but some prefer to just stay at home and enjoy a good (suspense) movie or two. And while some may prefer to dress up and play with different costumes, scary or not, again others just opt to let this one slide like a regular day.

That is almost never the case for Thanksgiving. Maybe there is something that prompts or entices you to celebrate it a little bit more (having a lot of parades you can join or at the very least watch on TV never hurt) than Halloween. This day is normally a time for different families, wherever they may currently be, to be together and enjoy the company that only each other can bring.

But sadly not all can enjoy the warmth and satisfaction of being with family or their loved ones at this time of the year. After going through long stretches with your college apartment finder mere months ago, you finally notch a place that you absolutely adore.

Although with that, it might also mean that you are a college student who cannot go home to take pleasure in the Thanksgiving festivities, and that might prove difficult for you. If that is the case, here are a few tips that may help get you through this holiday:

  • A person who lives in one of the apartments in New York NY suggested in a post that you can decorate your dorm with Thanksgiving-themed decors. You can also add a personal touch to give it a feeling of being a bit more homey.
  • It may be snail mail, e-mail, social media or (the best choice) greeting cards, but try to send as many of these to family, friends and loved ones and tell them why you are thankful for them being part of your life. It is fun, a feel-good activity and heartwarming to the recipients all at the same time.
  • If you have friends feeling the same way and live nearby, invite them and enjoy dinner together if your schedules permit it. Everyone can pitch in for the expenses.
  • Find a local area looking for volunteers in sharing Thanksgiving to those less fortunate. You help others and yourself at the same time. Believe it.

It is a time to savor the joy of this season. You may not be with the important ones in your life, but that does not mean you cannot make the most of it.

by Kingman

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