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The most common mistakes in resumes



common mistakes in resumes

Are you sending dozens of resumes and not getting responses from recruiters? At this stage of your job search, resume mistakes may be the cause. And you probably don’t even realize you’re making them.

Employers have a problem not with the number of applicants, but with the quality of the applications. In a survey, 80% of recruiters admit that most applicants send in resumes that present them in a bad light. Candidates seem incompetent, unsuitable, or unscrupulous. Recruiters immediately reject such applications.

You have no choice – if you want to get the job, your resume must be better than anyone else’s in every way. What are the most serious resume mistakes and how can you avoid them? You’re about to find out. You’ll also learn advice on how to fix them quickly.

Typos and grammatical errors on resumes

More than half of recruiters consider the biggest flaw in resumes to be typos and other linguistic errors that candidates make because they are sloppy or rushed when writing their resumes. Employers see this as neglect. Why? If you don’t take the time to carefully check the document and send your resume in with mistakes, the recruiter will think you don’t care about getting the job. You can kiss your interview invitation goodbye.

Remember – always read your resume yourself several times. Even the best document can be ineffective if it contains spelling mistakes. You can also use a resume fixer to ensure that you are one hundred percent satisfied with your resume.

Lack of professionalism

Employers complain that many resumes they get are very similar. How can you make your resume stand out from the crowd? Add what’s called an “about you” section to your resume. This way, you’ll prove that you care about your job and you’ve created your resume with the idea that it should be as comprehensive as possible.

Briefly write what you specialize in, what your biggest professional success is, and what you want to accomplish in the future.

A good professional resume can convince a recruiter. You don’t need to reinvent anything.

Lack of detail on your resume

Unfortunately, this mistake can happen even to very competent candidates who cannot adequately describe their experience and professional skills on a resume.

A resume is like a marketing project that is supposed to promote you, evoke positive associations with the recruiter, and convince him to invite you for an interview.

A recruiter gets an average of 250 resumes per job offer. Only an application with vague terms like:

  • accounting;
  • office services;
  • writing content for a blog.

Will find accurately described information:

  • accounting for 50+ business clients;
  • overseeing a 200-person office;
  • creating extensive articles about interior design for a popular blog.

So whenever you describe your duties or qualifications, try to be accurate. Make what you put on your resume seem credible and as detailed as possible. Don’t be afraid to go into too much detail. It’s better than meaningless phrases that are repeated throughout the documents.

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