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The Process of Accreditation



Process of Accreditation

The prestigious mark of accreditation is something that all educational centers look to achieve when they first start out in the educational world. The benefits of accreditation put a school in a league of other institutions that provide quality education to students. Grand Canyon University accreditation is no exception to the rule. The road to becoming accredited is not easy to travel.

A school must seek to help students be ready to move into an occupation of their choice. This means training and teaching them everything they will need to excel in their career choice. And in order to do that effectively and be accepted into the business sector, a school must be accredited.

Process of Accreditation

  • Any school seeking accreditation must have been training students for two consecutive years prior to their application. They must also have plans to continuing teaching for years to come.
  • There must be a pattern of graduating students from long-running programs during the first two years before the application is filed.
  • The institution must have at least one program that is 300 hours in duration.
  • The school must meet all federal, state, and local regulations and requirements of being in operation.
  • Annual statements must be submitted on a yearly basis and meet the requirements of financial stability.
  • Once the eligibility portion is completed the process can take up to two years to complete before accreditation is granted.
  • All fees must be paid.

Grand Canyon University accreditation professionals know what it takes to provide an accredited educational path to success. It may take the school several years to finalize the steps to accreditation, but they know that students will spend a lifetime using the skills they are taught to make a living out of life. They know that what they do today will last through tomorrow.

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