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Top 6 Physical Therapy Jobs Search Sites



Physical Therapy Jobs

Are you a trained physical therapist looking for a real-world opportunity to practise your knowledge? You are not alone. Getting recognition as a successful physical therapist takes immense skill and many years of practice. Despite good grades, finding the first job as a therapist is difficult without proper planning and efforts.

If you too are in search of your first job opportunity as a physical therapist, this article is for you. In this article let us look at some major online job search sites, which are working to find you the right opportunity at the right time.

Physical Therapy Jobs


Linkedpt is an excellent job portal for students seeking work as physical therapists. By focusing exclusively on connecting aspirants to physical therapist job openings, Linkedpt attracts a more specialized group of audience. This makes it easy for your profile to reach the right ears.

The best thing about posting your profile on Linkedpt is that they not only list your posting on their website, but also circulate it to clinics and recruiters using social media like Twitter and Facebook.


This giant employment portal functions as an interface between job aspirants and organizations seeking employees. Though it does not focus only on physical therapy job posts, is still a great place to search for clinics and recruiters seeking physical therapists.


With approximately 80,000 tech job listings, is a leading employment platform for technology and engineering professionals.


CareerBuilder is among the most visited employment platforms in the USA. It is known for providing rankings to user profiles based on number of unique views per month.


Simply Hired is an employment portal available online and also as a mobile application. It works by aggregating job listings from thousands of portals across the internet and other sources like classified listings, job boards, social networks, etc. Seekers can find jobs with the aid of keywords and location.


UsaJobs is the official employment portal on which civil service job opportunities are listed by the government of United States, for the benefit of its citizens. Aspirants can use this portal to find job openings, submit applications, and to gain useful employment information.

Of all the portals listed above, Linkedpt is only one that works exclusively on linking aspirants to clinics and recruiters looking for physical therapists. Due to their simple user interface, it is easy for aspirants to share their profile and find opportunities that match their interest. Linkedpt also proves to be an effective platform for recruiters to choose from a large pool of talented and enthusiastic physical therapists.

If you are either a recruiter or an aspirant, make use of these online portals and we bet you’ll be surprised how soon you’ll meet your goal!

Author: My name is Vera Jolley. And I am a professional job consultant at I am feeling happy when people get their dream job. And I am very happy with my professional and consult best from my side to people get the best job in their life.

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