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Top Reasons to Consider B. Tech in 2021



B. Tech

Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech), also known as engineering, is a four-year undergraduate program, divided into eight semesters. The B. Tech degree is awarded to students upon their successful completion of the course. B. Tech is consistently gaining popularity among students with science streams. Therefore, more than 4000 private colleges and universities offer B. Tech programs in India. In fact, the engineering degree is offered across various specialisations, including computer science, mechanical, aeronautical, civil, electrical, and chemical.

Interestingly, India is churning out around one million engineering graduates per year. Notably, the degree is tailor-made for students who wish to establish a promising career in a variety of engineering sciences. Those who want to explore innumerable career options in various scientific streams and disciplines can also opt for the programs.

The course also presents a platform for ambitious engineers to demonstrate their scientific curiosity, analytical skills, and innovativeness. The degree can be the perfect launchpad to kickstart an industrial career and work with tech giants. For b tech admission 2021, the most common entrance examinations are JEE Main and Advanced.

Now, let’s discuss the top reasons to consider B. Tech in 2021. Although an engineering degree offers a wealth of advantages, we will thoroughly discuss some of the best reasons to take up a B. Tech degree in this blog.

Reasons to pursue B. Tech course in India

1. IT industry is expected to grow in India

According to a recent market study report by the National Association of Software & Services Companies (Nasscom), the Indian Information Technology industry is expected to add more than 138,000 net new employees in FY21. Despite being hit by the coronavirus pandemic, the Indian IT industry has projected a 2.3 percent revenue growth in this financial year.

2. Access to unmatched global opportunities

As B. Tech is a skill and data-oriented course, engineering graduates are in high demand around the world. The growth of specialised areas, such as big data, cybersecurity, cloud computing, data analytics, business intelligence, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, has increased the demand for skilled IT professionals. With in-depth technological and engineering acumen, you can find attractive roles worldwide.

3. Attractive salary packages

There’s no denying that engineers are among the most highly paid professionals in India. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Data Scientist is INR 10,00,000 per year. At the same time, the pay scale of a Computer Science Engineer ranges between INR 550,020 and INR 750,000.

4. Opportunities to showcase your skills

You will be equipped with a broad range of skills during the engineering program, such as logical thinking, critical analysis, innovativeness, and creativity. All these skills are in high demand in the professional world regardless of the domain. Thus, engineers with these skills will have more opportunities to thrive in the professional world.


As B. Tech is the most sought-after career program, students face stiff competition to secure a seat in top-ranked engineering colleges. Thus, you must have obtained a minimum of 50 percent marks in classes 10 and 12 besides qualifying for the JEE with flying colours. You can explore B. Tech colleges in Dehradun for quality education and guaranteed placement. Hurry up!

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