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What are Some Good Career Options For an Illustrator?



Career Options For Illustrators

Illustrators are professionals responsible for creating art that efficiently conveys a specific idea or message of a brand or business. They are visual artists who can create various forms of media to present an idea, message, or topic. An illustration career is best suitable for creative professionals who enjoy interpreting concepts or texts through animation and other graphic mediums. If you are interested in this career, you may wonder about some good career options for illustrators.

To kick start your career as an illustrator undergoing a Bachelor’s in Illustration will introduce you to the fundamentals of the creative industry while offering you the opportunity to refine a career path. This programme can offer an enhanced learning experience by providing self-directed study, which is progressively introduced and encouraged.

The Bachelor’s in Illustration programme also encourages the students to use visual platforms for communicating ideas and opinions. Ideas are linked to contemporary socio-political and cultural developments with a special focus on visual communication that can boost employability. This course also encourages students to delve into Illustration’s exciting possibilities and routes through industry-related contexts while promoting individual style. This course is ideal for becoming an illustrator and exploring good career options within the creative industry.

Read ahead to learn about lucrative career options for Illustrators.

Graphic Designer

A Graphic designer is a professional responsible for generating visual art content using animation, text, photos, and other multimedia elements. They work with clients, therefore, they need to communicate with them to ensure that designs fulfill their requirements while retaining their intended message. A graphic designer can make designs for various purposes, including creating a logo to designing architectural plans.

Concept Artist

Concept artists are tasked with developing visual designs for animations, video games, films, and other forms of creative entertainment. These professionals visualise and create arts for creatures, characters, vehicles, and other concepts, which are typically used to visualise ideas so that animators, modelers, and VFX teams can make these ideas ready for production.

UX Designer

User Experience(UX) designers are creative professionals responsible for drafting and developing designs for products that can offer optimal user satisfaction. These designers also research a product along with its intended use and user to design proper function, features, and placement.


An animator is a professional responsible for creating and developing designs for animation composites with facial expressions, movements, features, and other visual features that can convey an idea. These professionals typically work for T.V. series, cartoons, movies, video games, and even in advertisements. Animators are required to have rich technical skillset.

Art Director

An art director will typically supervise the work of other designers and artists who produce images for live performances, television, movies, advertisements, and video games. They set the tone for the style required for a project and articulate their idea of the project to artists who create images for different purposes, such as illustrations, photographs, charts and graphs, graphics, or stages.

These are some of the most prominent career options for illustrators. However, here are some more career options an illustrator can consider:

  • Production Artist
  • Web and App Ilustrator
  • Set Designer
  • Production Artist

If you are searching for a suitable illustration course, then a Bachelor’s in Illustration can be the right degree.

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