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Why are Caribbean Veterinary Schools a Worthy Alternative?



Caribbean Veterinary Schools

As per the American Association of Medical Colleges, or the AAMC, applications to medical schools have increased by 18% since 2020. The available number of seats available for students at U.S medical schools has not been able to keep pace with the rising demands. Between the years 2002 to 2020, medical students seeking admission in US medical schools were only 35%. Moreover, the long admission timelines and waiting periods cause several students, even from the U.S. to consider receiving their medical schooling abroad, particularly in the Caribbean.

Are you a medical school aspirant wanting to seek admission in a Caribbean vet school or researching a Caribbean veterinary school cost, then read on.

Caribbean Med Schools – A Worthy Alternative

There are several qualified students who may not clear the admissions round but may certainly find Caribbean medical schools as a worthy option for quality education. These international medical schools are more willing and accommodating to students and look beyond MCAT scores or a semester of subpar results than most US schools will agree to do. However, this should not demotivate students as plenty of them can make excellent doctors with the right opportunity, skills, and experience. These international schools in the Caribbean serve as the perfect educational institutes for these bright students.

These schools acknowledge that examination-taking abilities should not alone determine the potential of a student to be a good doctor. Caribbean schools of medicine provide this pathway for thousands of students who have not sought admission in the highly competitive US medical schools. It is important to acknowledge that not all Caribbean medical schools have not been established with equal standards. Do your research properly, as some schools have better records of documented student success rates, while other schools may have varying opportunities for students, accreditation status, or attrition rates.

Applicants must also research the Caribbean schools they are considering to opt for and weigh their options properly before making a decision. Medical school aspirants should be asking the right questions – like the school’s accreditation, affiliation with hospitals, student support centers, residency-match rates, federal student loan qualifications, or scholarship choices.

Is It Common To Get A Medical Education Abroad?

A large number of students today are attending a school of medicine abroad, while they also return to the United States for practice. The number of international medical graduates who are practicing in the U.S has grown by approximately 80% since the year 2010. According to the Federation of State Medical Boards’ recent data, the number of IMGs graduating from Caribbean medical schools has increased by 150% since the year 2010. And about a quarter of all licensed physicians in the US are IMGs. Many of these doctors are entirely U.S citizens.

More and more aspiring students are applying to a med school than a decade before. But after much consideration and careful research, many of these graduates decide to pursue their medical education abroad for all the good reasons.

Join a program today and fulfill your dream of being a successful physician.

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