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Why Do Kids Have a Hard Time Learning Math?



Kids Learning Math

There’s more pressure on students to succeed today than there ever was in the past. Even though every subject has its challenges, students appear to have more challenges with math than in other areas. Why is this the case? Math is an important area for students to learn, as they are going to need to learn basic math skills to succeed in life. If parents and teachers are able to understand why students may have a hard time with math in the classroom, they may be able to anticipate issues before they arise. What are some of the top reasons why students have issues with math?

They May Have a Hard Time Paying Attention

One of the first reasons why students may have a hard time with math is that they are not paying attention in the classroom. Math is one of those subjects where students cannot tune in and tune out, expecting to keep up. They are not going to be able to understand math until they can follow the equation from start to finish. If students miss one or two steps of the problem, they are not going to understand the rest of it. Therefore, students have to pay attention from start to finish. Fortunately, there are great resources that can help students learn math, such as i-Ready math and reading.

They May Have Issues Interpreting Abstract Concepts

Other students may have a hard time learning math because they are asked to conceptualize abstract concepts. If students do not have the numbers in front of them in physical form, they may have a hard time interpreting them. Therefore, students may need help turning abstract concepts into concrete examples. In particular, students have a hard time visualizing the number zero, as it is the absence of value. If parents and teachers are able to find ways to make abstract concepts appear concrete to search students, they may be able to help them when it comes to math. That is where i-Ready math can be helpful.

They May Have Anxiety Surrounding Math Problems and Close-Ended Questions

A lot of students often have anxiety surrounding math problems. Math is unlike other subjects in school, where there may be multiple ways to phrase the right answer. When it comes to math problems, there is usually only one right answer. This idea can create a lot of anxiety for students, who have a difficult time with closed-ended questions. It is critical for parents and caregivers to approach this issue with compassion. If parents and teachers are able to address this level of anxiety with empathy, they may have a better chance of helping the student succeed.

They Could Have a Learning Disorder

Finally, it is also possible that some students may have a learning disorder that is preventing them from keeping up in the classroom when it comes to math. This disorder is called dyscalculia, and it often takes a long time to diagnose. For example, some teachers may simply think the student is not paying attention. Some parents may believe their child actually has ADHD. Even though it is possible that both of these could be true, it is important to consider dyscalculia as a possible cause. This disorder can have an impact on estimation abilities, spatial reasoning, and the ability of students to read a clock. It should not be overlooked.

Address Issues with Math As Early As Possible

These are just a few of the many reasons why students may have issues with math in the classroom. Even though there are lots of possible solutions to this problem, the most important thing for teachers and parents to remember is that they need to act as quickly as possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources that parents and teachers can use in order to help students succeed in math. For issues related to dyscalculia, it is a good idea to reach out to a trained medical professional. Remember that there are other ancillary resources available as well that could help students succeed when it comes to math.

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