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Why is Character Education Essential to Your Child



Character Education

The purpose of character education is to help children develop into emotionally balanced, socially responsible, caring individuals who have a strong value system. With such an emphasis on test scores in our schools today, the lessons on character education are a welcome break for most children. While test scores and gaining knowledge are important for children, developing their character and value are equally important.

Teaching character education in the school system can help our educators and schools in a variety of ways. Recent studies have proved that emotional intelligence is as important to a child’s success and fulfillment as good grades and a college degree. Character education can improve our children’s lives in more ways than we realized. This article will discuss some of the reasons why character education is essential to your child.

Character Education

Increases emotional growth and awareness

One reason character education is essential to your child is that character education helps to increase emotional awareness and growth. The building blocks of emotional growth such as integrity, honesty, empathy, leadership, and responsibility are gained through character education.

Without these essential building blocks of emotional awareness, your child’s success in life could look very different than you imagined. For example, if your child grows up to become a doctor but has no compassion or sympathy for others, then his education and degree are not worth much. However, if your child is taught proper values and character, he can be a very successful doctor both in wealth and in stature.

Social Skills

Another reason character education is essential to your child is that it can increase their social skills. A child’s ability to relate to others will help their success in many ways. Not only will they feel more comfortable and confident in their experiences with their peers, but it can also help in decreasing school violence and behavior issues amongst children.

Also, it is a known fact that children with good social skills experience much less anxiety when handling peer pressure. They feel more confident in their choices. Studies have shown that character education is enhanced by encouraging them to express and talk about their emotions, which increases a child’s social sensitivity and public behavior.

Self Confidence

A final reason that character education is essential to your child is that it can help increase their self-confidence and self-worth. Children who are confident in their emotions and feelings and are readily able to tell others how they feel show a sense of pride and confidence that others do not. Self-confidence can be difficult to obtain during childhood. Therefore it is all that more important for parents and teachers to instill a sense of self-confidence in children by teaching them values and morals. Character education is a great way to do just that.

As you can see, character education is essential to your child in more ways than one. The effects of character education are immediate and last a lifetime. Considering these benefits that character education has to offer, it is unfortunate that not all schools embrace this philosophy and incorporate theses skills into their curriculum. It has been proven that when schools put an emphasis on teaching character education, their graduation rate is 98%, compared to the typical graduate rate of 50% that is seen in schools who do not implement character education.

Hopefully this article has helped you to better understand the importance that character education has on your child’s overall well-being and success later in life. If your child’s school has not developed character education into their curriculum, consider presenting this information to them and making some changes in your child’s life!

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