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How Are Earthquakes Quantified?



One of my sons is a veterinarian. He said that if packs of dogs show up just yesterday that were putting in their own dog houses, dogs which have fled their homes, watch out. An earthquake is coming.

Ancients saw critters “leave town” before quakes including dogs, pigs and rats.

Haicheng, China was evacuated prior to a 7.3-magnitude quake in 1975. Why? Because the Chinese consider that creatures can detect quakes before the leading shock waves reach. Creature behaviour is watched by them. About 150,000 casualties are said to have been averted.

But creatures aren’t considered reliable predictors by people who matter so little has been done to advance such thoughts (myths?) so scientist continue to rely on the seismograph which in not proficient at forecasting quakes but is a dandy instrument as soon as they’ve happened. (These folks do not believe in Big Foot or Creationism, either.)

Since I’ve retired from engineering and science, I believe that quakes go miniature chemise, miniature slip, Ye Gods, hit, bump, bump. It’s miniature slip thing that the scientist do not take, the miniature slip. The rest of it’s O.K.

I believe that my neighbor’s pigs can find miniature slip, the tiny slip. Why? While my neighbor’s daughter and I embraced each other in absolute horror because I saw my son castrate several pigs. Pigs are quite sensitive. I call this scientific deduction (thinking).

The Seismograph

Since they’re used to it seismologist rely on the Seismograph. They constantly enhance the contraption but it’s basically a rigidly grounded alloy framework with moving parts that could rock in an “quake wind.”

In fact, there isn’t any such thing as an “quake wind,” but the Japanese will understand this fully.

Anyhow, the detection of these parts proceeding is quantified. The many waves coming with an earthquake could be found, the ones that go along the surface of the world which cause so much chaos and panic pigs and dogs and rats, those that go correct though the world, and some related waves that are never of interest to the public. You scientist, hit the books.

Scientific Note: The waves that go through the world find its molten center. There’s absolutely no molten center in the moon. As a result of moon and earthquakes -quakes, we realize this. Physicist make man-made “wags” to make sure.

The Richter Scale

Charles Francis Richter in partnership with Beno Gutenberg, both from the California Institute of Technology, developed what’s called the Richter Scale in 1935. Richter determined an earthquake intensity scale might be similar to the scale and was a lover of astronomy. So things are always worse than they appear, this is a logarithmic scale. A small change in the scale is a huge change in quake intensity. As the earth shakes beneath our feet measure from about 3 to 10 on the Richter scale, the quakes we find.

Another Boring Scientific Note: The MMS scale is used by seismologist. The old “bug in an carpets” convert it to the Richter Scale because they believe the MMS scale is above our heads. Because of the old “bug in an carpets.”

The San Francisco earthquake on April 18, 1906 measured 7.9 on the Richter Scale. Over 3000 people were killed as well as the city was totally ruined.

On April 1, 1946 in the Aleutian Island, an 8.6 quake killed 165 and also caused a tsunami.

The offshore quake in Maule, Chile on February 27, 2010, quantified 8.8 and killed many. Due to the rural areas changed, nobody knows how many casualties there were but it was many. My son said that the wife of an LDS Chili Mission President had a vision an earthquake was coming. Maybe she could sense her bed for a tiny slip. He took heed of his wife and warned the missionaries to have a bag packed for evacuation if the quake arrived and when.

by Kingman

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