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Algebraic functions can be solved mathematically using equations and such but a higher form of math like geometry or trigonometry requires you more than just calculations and a series of computations.

Among anything else, a great deal of mathematical analysis, figure evaluation and familiarization with the laws and principles are prerequisites to ace the trigonometry subject.

If you are taking this subject then you will come across subtopics like soh cah toa, angle measures, hyperbolic trigonometry and other trigonometric functions and equations.

soh cah toa

Usually taken after elementary and intermediate algebra and geometry classes, trigonometry is the subject that merges the aforementioned subjects to the introduction of calculus.

Depending on the grade level, trigonometry has a varied level of competency when it comes to topics and discussions. High school trigonometry lessons are of course, more of an introductory subject course, albeit the fact that it still poses a difficult subject for high school students.

College trigonometry lessons, on the other hand, are complex take-offs from basic lessons of trigonometric functions, and are heavily interspersed with calculus and higher mathematics.

Formulaic mathematical subjects like algebra are very essential foundations when it comes to trigonometry but in many cases, trigonometry as a subject puts more emphasis to the cognitive ability of the students to exercise mathematical analysis and scrutiny rather than solving mathematical equations and functions.

Memorizing equations and formulas is not enough in this subject (although it’s still very important to familiarize the laws, such as the law of cosines and sines, to cite a few examples).

Mathematical rules can be learned and internalized but the drive to exercise the mind to analyze and scrutinize and to derive the equation from its basic function is what makes trigonometry an extremely difficult subject.

Still, trigonometry welcomes you to the possibility of honing your mathematical and thinking skills to a notch higher. If you pin it down successfully, solving and analyzing trigonometric functions can be surprisingly fun and satisfying.

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