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HSPT – The Thing You Should Know More About the High School Placement Test



High School Placement Test

High School Placement Test

What’s the HSPT?

The High School Placement Test (HSPT) is a nationally-recognized private school entrance examination, created by the Scholastic Testing Service (STS), accessible to pupils as a piece of the private school application procedure. The test was created for middle school students attempting to get into high school, or so though some seventh graders take the test too, most test takers are eighth graders. For the large part, a normal middle school program will have exposed students to the content analyzed on the HSPT, though a fundamental understanding of geometry and algebra is essential for the mathematics sections.

Unlike most other standardized tests, the HSPT doesn’t have national government dates. The HSPT is administered by private schools as section of the program procedure. Based on the STS web site, pupils must not take the test. The truth is, if a student takes the test the STS suggests that the lower of the two scores ought to be utilized for thought. Test and enrollment programs are managed on a school-by-school basis; parents will have to get hold of the schools to which their kids are using as a way to learn specific dates and deadlines. The STS doesn’t handle registration for the examination, this is, in addition, managed on a school-by-school basis.

What’s on the HSPT?

The test, which is about 2.5 hours long, examines the following skills: Verbal Skills, Quantitative Skills, Reading Comprehension, Math, and Language.

Verbal Abilities

The verbal abilities section includes questions pertaining to vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, analogies, and verbal sense. The aim of the section will be to examine a pupil’s capacity to comprehend the connections between theories and words.

Quantitative Abilities

The quantitative abilities section includes questions pertaining to amount exploitation, geometric and non- patterns, and geometric comparison and sequences. The issues covered in this section contain basic geometry, basic algebra, and arithmetic.

Reading Comprehension

The reading comprehension section includes questions and passages that examine the pupil’s understanding of fundamental significance, means to acquire info from reading, and fundamental understanding of vocabulary.


The mathematics section includes questions that examine the student’s problem solving skills and comprehension of mathematical theories. The issues covered in this section contain basic geometry, basic algebra, and arithmetic.


The language section examines the student’s comprehension of written English. The issues are mainly associated with spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax.

Some schools also manage an elective science section, which covers general issues in earth science, biology, chemistry, astronomy, and physics.

The HSPT vs. the ISEE

The HSPT is similar in format and content to the ISEE Upper Level, another private school entrance exam. Content-wise, the greatest difference between both tests is because there isn’t any essay on the HSPT. Catholic private schools mainly us the HSPT; the ISEE is used by a broader variety of private schools. Additionally, the ISEE has lower three levels, mid, and upper, which correspond to what level the student is going into; the HSPT is for would-be high school pupils only.

Getting ready for the HSPT

As with any standardized test, preparation is vital to success. There are a few HSPT study guides to be found online and in shops; then contemplate professional HSPT test prep, if, after reviewing theories and practicing issues, you as well as your pupil determine that additional support would be advantageous. The HSPT can have an important effect on a pupil’s future and shouldn’t be dismissed. Thorough preparation is the secret to making the HSPT encounter as smooth and worry-free as possible.

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