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Cannabis College On A Budget: 3 Things to Remember from The Great Depression



Cannabis College

With the advancement of the marijuana industry, formal instruction in educational institutions is spreading just as fast. At present, there are a growing number of institutions that are fully dedicated and equipped to the sole study of cannabis. Keen to learn more about how to kickstart your career in the industry – read on!

It almost seems like there’s a cannabis school for any purpose. It could be to receive a qualification, obtain information, or simply earn education on marijuana.

However, attractive employment opportunities have motivated people to enroll in a cannabis college thanks to the legalization of cannabis. Marijuana legalization can be likened to what the United States faced during the Great Depression when the government made alcohol illegal and had to reverse that decision.

If you would like to learn more about cannabis and don’t have the money to fund yourself through school, here are a few hacks that can get you a good cannabis education.

1. Enroll in an Online Class

If you’re not able to afford to study marijuana or education courses are just not available in your home country, then you shouldn’t worry. Anyone can study marijuana from anywhere across the world thanks to online learning programs.

Online marijuana studies will give you an in-depth knowledge of cannabis, how it is grown, its potential applications, and benefits.

Although the education you gain might not be applicable in a country where marijuana is illegal; it gives you something to hold on for use in a cannabis-friendly location. During the Great Depression, the government had to crack down on people who were selling alcohol despite the prohibition of alcohol.

2. Look for Affordable Courses

There are a lot of cannabis-related courses that are cropping out all across the U.S. Some of these schools provide simple and affordable certifications that can help you expand your expertise on cannabis.

A good way of going about it is enrolling for a cannabis college that can set you apart in a particular niche in the industry.

For instance, you can learn how to solely learn about cannabis extraction or cannabis business. One of the lessons we learned from prohibition is that effective regulations for alcohol businesses are very important to manage industries.

3. Consider Enrolling in a Free Cannabis College Abroad

Moving to study cannabis in a different country sounds like it’s a costly affair. However, when you choose a school that provides free classes; you’ll have removed the cost of paying for a class out of your expenses.

For instance, the Amsterdam Cannabis College was founded in 1997 to provide public information to people on marijuana. Although you will not receive a certificate, you will gain access to a library full of material related to cannabis. It also has a lab that will equip you with skills on how to extract and use cannabis safely.

Get Some Higher Learning

The cannabis and alcohol industries can never be the same but both the government and the public can learn a few lessons from the prohibition of the alcohol industry. A few of these lessons involve the government’s hostile approach towards alcohol; its reversal of the prohibition, and the importance of industry regulation.

Learning about marijuana can do you a world of good by equipping you with skills that can set you up for success in the multi-billion industry.

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