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How to Take Care of Your Child’s Anxiety during Lockdown



How to Take Care of Your Child’s Anxiety during Lockdown

Covid-19 has bought a sense of panic all around the world. Kids and adults are all stuck at home and life has suddenly come at a halt. 7 months back, none of us had expected that we’d all be locked at our homes for our safety, schools and colleges would be shut and people would work from their homes every day. While it’s indeed difficult for adults to come to terms with the new working methods, kids are having an even tougher time becoming used to the ‘New Normal’.

This is also because adults watch the news and see updates and can understand the scenario around the world. But young minds are still trying to understand what this virus is and how severe. Their minds are full of a million questions about when they can go back to school, or go to the park, or hug their friends, why it’s so important to wear a mask and wash hands often etc.

Sadly, none of us has the answer to their innocent questions now. These tough times have severely affected the mental health of adults. We can only imagine how difficult it has been for these little ones. Parents around the world have been getting extremely worried about their child’s mental health.

Not to forget, constantly staying at home and hearing about the increasing cases around the world have also made parents cranky. Some of them even doubt that their child might start suffering from anxiety at this tender age. To help parents and guardians understand and take care of their child’s mental health during the lockdown period, we have mentioned some helpful points.

1. Fix A Routine

When Top CBSE schools in Siliguri like Sri Sri Academy and other parts of the nation suddenly closed down, it became increasingly difficult to keep the child occupied and entertained throughout the day as the sudden lockdown disrupted the way they would go about with their day. Having a fixed routine helps the child have a purpose. Sometimes, loss or lack of purpose can develop a feeling of unworthiness in the child.

Hence, in such situations, the good thing to do is fixing an efficient day to night schedule for your kid. When making this schedule, remember that their day needs to be as fun as they are productive. Planning a routine does not mean that you will make them study for longer hours. The purpose of a routine is to give equal time to multiple activities to keep their body active and minds involved. It also helps in maintaining a proper sleeping pattern. This way once the school reopens, the child shall not have a tough time adapting.

2. Limited Internet/Digital Time

A mistake that most parents make in today’s day and age is leaving their kids with devices for a ridiculously long period of time. No, lockdown cannot be a justification for it. There are better ways to keep the child occupied. Leaving the child with a phone, tablet or video game for long shows carelessness on the Parents part. Kids get addicted to gadgets quickly.

It not only harms their eyes but also has an adverse effect on their mental health and mind. At first, it might be difficult to make your child follow the timings of using gadgets but they will surely catch along.

3. More Activities

Contributing to our last point, the best way to keep a child from getting anxious is by keeping them involved. Best CBSE schools makes children use to doing multiple activities in a normal school day. Not having to do any of it because they’re stuck at home can severely harm the mental as well as physical health of your kid. To make sure that doesn’t happen, make your child do exercises every day.

Involve fun activities such as DIY making sessions, rock painting, treasure hunting, abacus, dress up games etc in their day to day life. You can also find a fun way to teach them some general knowledge through puzzles and other games.

4. Communicate

You might be living with your child but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re talking to them. Communicating plays a key role in strengthening the bond between kids and parents. It makes them believe that someone is there to listen. Kids might be young but that doesn’t mean their issues are not important.

Yes, might not be as severe as that of an adult but they are still important. Communicate openly with your child. That is the only way you will be able to know what goes on inside their little mind and health. Also, don’t forget that communication is a two way street. It just doesn’t mean talking. Listening is crucial too.

5. Involve Them In Your Lifestyle

The only good thing about the lockdown is that it has given all of us some time to be with our family. The best way to strengthen your bond with your little one is by involving them in your lifestyle. If you constantly remind them that both of you are very different, then they will not trust you enough to talk to you.

Instead, let them help you in your daily chores. Make them your tag team mate and since you can’t leave them with the knives or fire, let them wash the veggies for you. The more time you spend with them and the way you spend it, the easier it is going to be for your child to connect with you.

6. Help Them Learn New Skills

Help your child learn new skills through playing and other fun activities. Teach them a new language. One that fascinates them. Lockdown might be a great time for your kids to explore new possibilities and find out what really interests them. Whether they are more attracted to solving math problems, or writing poems or swirling the brush on a paper or dancing to the tunes. It’s the best way to keep their anxiety at bay.

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