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Is Public School The Right Choice For Your Child?



public school vs private school

A very common question that haunts every parent is that which school is the best for their child? Once the decision is made either they feel proud about it or feel no greatness in doing so, what they did. Whether public schools are better or private? The most common yet the most asked, searched, topic.

Typically different people have a different take on this. It is not that people who pass out of public school come out doing and achieving nothing neither the case is that the children who have received their education from private school rule the world outside with any different knowledge or theories.

Whether an educational institution is private or public, both have their own set of drawbacks and advantages. No education system lacks or falls behind. Parents only need to do the proper screening of the school they are planning to put their child into.

The debate on which education system stands strong and is a better choice for your child from these 2 kinds of educational institutions remains age-old. A few points are discussed here to give you an insight on what all parents need to look for before coming to any decision.

Public School has a diverse population which will give your child varied experiences

As public schools have students that belong to various backgrounds, religions, and race, your child would grow up in a more open environment. By taking admission in a public school your child is going to take a deep dive in the ocean of diversity. Unlike private schools where commonly the influx of children coming from the affluent family background is more, public schools have the right mix of various cultures and backgrounds.

This creates a homogeneous surrounding for a child to grow up in. Absorbing different cultures, communities, lifestyles during the early years of life will make your child more adaptable and prepared for the future.

Public schools are more reasonable, economical and provide way more amenities

Unlike private schools, public schools do not focus on earning profits. Yes, institutions need money to run, even public schools do, but the demands, requirement or fee is much more reasonable as compared to private schools. Private schools do provide high-class amenities but that comes at a cost and that cost is derived from the fees parents pay to get their children educated.

The public schools do the money spending wisely on the overall development of the students and the institution. Public schools are open for donations and if the parents are at times incapable of getting their child the stationary, books or other things the public schools always step further to support them.

Public school at times has overcrowded classrooms

Because of low admission cost and later on expenses more children from all backgrounds enroll in public institutions which further lead to overcrowding of classrooms. Parents obviously do not want to compromise on their Childs education which is why they switch to private school.

But, this isn’t the case everywhere. They do have many children but that is only because they are capable enough of handling that much crowd. Public Schools put in every necessary effort to chisel your child into something better and best of its kind. They take in every kind of child irrespective of the background and grades and fully take up your child’s responsibility.

It is all about the extra-curricular activities

Every parent obviously would want their child to become an all-rounder. Academics, sports, or any other extracurricular activity, every parent dreams about seeing their child outperform, everywhere. But that is only possible if your child is offered the facilities, time, space and opportunity to do so.

As private schools don’t have to follow the state laws as such, therefore, they offer varied and unique programs for children to participate in. Whereas, the public schools come under the state guidance and have a very limited budget and have comparatively more restrictions.

For parents who find the task of choosing schools intimidating and stressful now, you have a variety of facts to weigh.

Who has highly qualified teachers?

In some cases, public schools are considered better as the teachers working their go through a proper screening and are required to have certain qualifications to get employed as teachers. Private schools do not strictly follow any such rules.

However, this isn’t the case everywhere, as private schools are self-regulated they set their own hiring criteria for teachers. And at times the standards are set lower which allows candidates without proper license to start teaching. But, this isn’t the case at all times as in some cases the basic requirements are set so high that makes only the best to come forward and apply.

There is a scope that either of the two can outperform in terms of quality of education, good amenities etc.

Public School Review has ample no. of schools listed on its website that will help parents get a clear picture of things. Some of the best schools have been mentioned here on this website

How important is the admission criteria ?

Another thing that parents need to review before choosing any particular school is, whether they have any admission criteria or not. Schools that follow any admission criteria are considered far better compared to those who don’t. This means there wouldn’t be any overcrowding in the classrooms or in the school.

Before going further with any decision do make it a point to refer to the best websites that review schools in the most genuine way like Public School Review and Private School review. It is a about your child’s future, you wouldn’t want to risk it at any cost. A thorough research and dedicated study is a must before taking up any decision.

Also, another tip to make things easier for you, after when you have shortlisted any school do visit the premises personally. This will help you take a wiser decision and give you a clear picture. Meet the teachers, check the school infrastructure, get to know about after-school activities that the school promotes for the students. Your instinct will play a great role here.

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